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Romanian Signaling Megapack v1.6 -Sunday, August 13, 2017
A new version (1.6) of the Romanian Signaling System Megapack has been published on the site. This new version brings the following changes: - A DTV or SSSR signal will show "Clear to proceed with reduced speed", as long as it has a speed set in the signal configuration box for that link, regardless of the track speed limit. A TMV signal will display the digit corresponding to that speed. - Visually, the rays below each signal light have been removed. - Some new signals and missing varieties. For those who already bought the Signaling Megapack, you can download the new version from your profile page, section Downloadable products.
Romanian tracks available! -Wednesday, December 21, 2016
The set of classic Romanian tracks is now available. More details here: https://train-sim.ro/romanian-tracks
UIC-Y type cars of the Romanian Railways are now waiting for you,complete with script,interiors,and many more !