About us

Train Sim Romania, as a community, dates back from June 14th 2004, when its founder, Lucian Florea, first created its page on Geocities. The first Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS) add-ons appeared on that page (060-DA by Dan Balosanu, LE5100 and LE3400 by Stefan Sandu, Nelu Rosu). The models originated from Trainz Railroad Simulator (TRS), and Lucian Florea did a great job adapting them to MSTS. 

In the fall of 2005, the site benefited from its own hosting server, and domain name (train-sim.ro), and with the new site and forum the community started growing fast, and new creators came forth with new add-ons, even better than their predecessors. Here we can note the innovation brought by Balkan Locomotive Works team (BLW) where Cziszer Istvan and Czaba Borca introduced texturing based on real photos of the rolling material. The quality standard for MSTS add-ons was therefore, raised. 

Starting with 2006, other MSTS smaller romanian communities, including MSTS.LX.RO (later Blackrail.ro), Trenulezze.ro, appeared and the diversity of add-ons exploded while reaching its peaks between 2008 and 2010. 

Although, during this period, the new successor of MSTS, Kuju Rail Simulator (Later Railworks - RW) came to life, the majority of the community members sticked with MSTS, as there was a huge knowledge base and add-on diversity. But even with that, the masterpieces of the romanian add-ons for MSTS only emerged after 2012, though the activity on the forum started to decrease constantly from 2011 to present day. Among the masterpieces we can mention:

  • CFR Route - longest Romanian route (3800 km) and probably longest in the world, created by Stefan Medeleanu, Paul Pascu and Edy Obretin
  • Deva - Targu Jiu route: most realistic romanian MSTS route, accurately created by Mihai Eftimie, Dorin Dronca and Marian Mihai
  • Romanian Steam Engines made with extreme care by Dorin Dronca
  • All of the freight cars made by Dorin Dronca and textured by Mihai Aurel
  • All the improvements to the physics of the rolling material, made by Cristian Bardas and Mihai Eftimie
  • All the advanced activities made by Edy Obretin

Today after more than 14 years of existence, Train-Sim.RO moves forward with a completely new face, new team members and creators focused on bringing the new Train Simulator 2018 on Romanian landscapes, and facing the biggest challenge ever, in this community: Bringing TS2018 to the level of MSTS add-on diversity. A tough challenge, a mission impossible, but inspiring nonetheless.

Thank you for being among us, passionate railway fans, we hope that Train-Sim.RO gives you all the pleasure you can get in Train Simulation.