Conditions of Use

This legal document is an agreement between you ( physical or legal person ) and entity Train -Sim Romania , involving the use of the artwork included in the digital package (the .rwp file) sa well as any interactive or electronic documentation, which accompanies the product.

By installing, copying, downloading, accessing or using in any way the artworks of Train -Sim Romania, you agree to abide by the terms of this contract. Existing digital package on at least one of your computers involves understanding and acceptance of all the provisions of this License Agreement.

The digital packages (.rwp format) are additions of audiovisual content for the game Train Simulator and accurate representations of real objects or vehicles. They are visualy and audibly perceptible, being assimilated, in terms of domestic and international law, for original works of intellectual creation, in the arts.

Train -Sim Romania is a free association of authors of such additions and copyrights withhold moral and patrimonial attributes individually for each author credited, as well as in case of common works, according to preliminary agreement of the coauthors.

Domestic and international legal protection of copyright begins at conception (including unfinished works ), by the mere fact of realization of creative intellectual work, without having to register at an office or state authority.

Failure to comply with legal provisions on intellectual property and copyright entails civil, administrative or criminal charges.

The digital works, representing the present contract, is not sold, being under license. The authors do not convey in any way, any rights of ownership of the product, and offer to the owner of the end user-license, only the right to use the work in accordance with contractual terms. By accepting the terms of this agreement you are automatically in possession of a license that gives you non-exclusive right to install and use the work.



This contract grants you the following rights:

- You may install, use, access, display, run, or otherwise interact with a copy of the digital work, or any prior version of it, on one computer, workstation, terminal PC.

- Additional copies of the work may be created, in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 4.

- In case of loss of the original digital package, the user can ask the author for a new copy. The number of requests must be made at reasonably time intervals since the time of product purchase, in accordance with diligences concerning the archiving and backup made by an ordinary user.

- All rights not expressly granted are reserved by the authors



- Train-Sim Romania additions are digital audiovisual artworks and can not be assimilated for computer programs (software). They are intended for entertainment and their use is prohibited in economic activities, scientific, demonstration or training and qualification of personnel to the operation of rail vehicles.

- It is strictly prohibited to work, decompile and disassemble in part or entirely, and use parts, sub-assemblies (except know-how) in other works.

- License is offered for a single product. The components, subassemblies work can not be separated for use on more than one computer, computer terminal.

- This agreement does not grant you any rights in connection with any trademarks or service.

- You may not rent, lend, resell, redistribute or transfer whether for payment or to another user, no copy of the works included in this package.

- Support Services. The authors provide assistance in limited time and resources available through e-mail and social networks, in full compliance with privacy and data protection laws of personal data.

- Initial License of the artwork does not allow permanent transfer of this contract, and thus the product, to another end user.

- Without bringing prejudice to other rights, Train-Sim Romania may unilaterally terminate this agreement if you have not complied with the terms and conditions. In this case, you must destroy all copies of the work, subject to this agreement, and all of its component parts.



Any product of Train -Sim Romania may be eligible for improvements, updates, additions or corrections. The authors reserve the right to decide on their suitability and the way that will be provided ( free or onerous ).

If offered free digital package is labeled as an upgrade, to use it, you must have the original product license, eligible for the upgrade. A product of Train -Sim Romania labeled as an upgrade replaces and / or supplements ( and may disable ) the product that formed the basis for your choice of the upgrade. You can use the resulting product upgrade, only in accordance with the terms of this CONTRACT.



After installing a copy of the artwork, under this contract, the original digital support, offered by Train -Sim Romania, can be kept solely for archiving or backup . You may not otherwise make copies of digital packets or electronic materials accompanying the artwork, except as expressly specified in this CONTRACT.



Train -Sim Romania products are provided without any guarantee, being works of digital art. There are no legal provisions applied on commercial guarantee, compliance standards of products and services, or the user's right to return to product. Train -Sim Romania does not provide , does not warrant or assume responsibility for the operation and effects of using the artwork itself, in subjective terms of validity, reliability, accuracy and fulfilling the purpose of the license holder (user). The authors of the artworks can not be held responsible for any direct, indirect , consequential, or incidental operating results or inability to use this product . Also any items bought on Train -Sim Romania are not refundable because, given the nature of the product, we have no means to check if it was or was not completely uninstalled from all computers, the licence holder (user) owns.



By installing, using, copying or distributing this digital artwork, you certify that you have read this contract "Conditions of Use", you have understood and agreed to comply with terms and conditions stipulated therein.