The romanian signaling megapack

14 martie 2016

The Romanian signaling system megapack is an Add-on for Train Simulator 2016 or later, created by Dalin Lazar (3D models and textures) and Remus Iancu (3D variations, scripting, testing and packaging) that contans:

  • The signaling system on two levels of speed (DTV) with rectangular shaped signal heads
  • The signaling system on two levels of speed with SSSR type signals with rounded heads (vintage)
  • The signaling system on multiple levels of speed (TMV) with rectangular shaped signal heads
  • Level crossings with or without gates and several side objects.

The package contains a RWP file that is to be used in the program "Utilities.exe", section "Package Manager", to install in TS20XX, the 4 add-ons listed above. The package also contains the following tutorials in Microsoft Power Point formats or Portable Document Format (PDF - without animations):

  • Complete tutorial for Signaling on two levels of speed, required for all the other tutorials.
  • Tutorial for Signaling on multiple levels of speed, which only explains the specific part of this signaling system.
  • Tutorial for the Level Crossings
  • Excel table with the influences of the inductors for the Signaling on multiple levels of speed
  • Signal indications for all the signaling systems.


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